Smartbiz Interactive is the result of the combination between artists and engineers that create unique experiences thanks to the stimulation of the senses.

Animación 2D / 3D y VFX

Smartbiz Interactive is the home of a group of talented designers and directors specialists in arts , 2D animation, motion graphics, VFX, 3D modeling and animation. For video production, interactive development and generally any need for animation.


Experiencias interactivas

Smartbiz Interactive has brought his creative projects since 2010 .The company has been synonymous of innovation and creativity, being recognized on projects as Hologram tribute to Joe Arroyo. Also the participation in the project of Christmas lights in Medellin Colombia , interactive museums, reality enhanced and interactive video mapping in the most recognized Colombian cities, we have a select group of artists and engineers, interactive programming, visual recognition systems, professional projection systems, video games development, UX design. (User Experience Design)


Performance Capture Studio

In our studios we captured facial and movement expression. Smartbiz Interactive offers directors, game developers and creative agencies, and professional technical team focused on research and development, the studio has all the facilities to carry out any production. Our services are not just for Smartbiz Interactive, anyone interested in a system of motion capture and facial recognition technology last, for virtual production or whatever you have in mind


Proyección holografica.

Diseño y alquiler de sistemas de proyección holografica utilizando técnicas de proyección trasera y Pepper's ghost. Ideales para su uso en salones y escenarios, adicionalmente contamos con sistemas de telepresencia holografica, lo cual permitirá estar en 2 lugares al tiempo permitiendo la comunicación en dos vías e interactuar con el publico en tiempo real.


Alquiler equipos profesionales A/V

Alquiler de proyectores profesionales de 10.000, 16.000, 17.000 y 20.000 Lumen. Sistemas de proyección holografica. Pantallas LED P3, P4, P6 para interiores y exteriores. Reproductores de video con resolución hasta 8K y capturas de video HD, con función de combinación de pantalla / proyectores, overlap y pixel warp. Accesorios de conectividad de video y Equipos de amplificación profesional


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